Welcome to The Writer’s Forge

Are you a writer but you find yourself easily distracted or overcome by procrastination? Perhaps you are struggling to build a consistent habit? If you need help to make steady progress on your projects you need The Writer’s Forge. Whether you’re working on a book, blog, newsletter, report, or any other form of written content, The Writer’s Forge is here to provide the accountability, structure, and community you need to reach your goals.

Led by the expert writing coaches at Booksmith Academy, The Writer’s Forge is a supportive accountability group designed to help writers of all kinds cultivate a sustainable, productive writing practice.

Through weekly live Zoom sessions, a private community space, and monthly Q&A calls, you’ll get:

  • 30 hours a month of structured writing sprints, and check-ins, to build your writing habit
  • Feedback, encouragement, and problem-solving from your peers
  • Personalized guidance from Booksmith’s experienced writing coaches
  • The motivation and accountability to stay on track with your projects

As we are all productive at different times of day we will be running the accountability sessions at different times, and on different days of the week, to allow you to capture your most productive and creative times, wherever you are and whatever your time commitments. Our writing sessions are paced, to ensure that you can be productive throughout and are lead by the Booksmith Academy coaches or a trusted member of their team. You don’t have to attend for the whole 3 hours, you can drop in for an hour or two, and we will provide you with writing blocks based on research about productivity. 

For less than £1 an hour you can be held accountable, and be part of a supportive community of writers. 

No matter what kind of writing project you need to work on, The Writer’s Forge will provide the framework, resources, and community to help you write with more consistency, overcome blocks, and achieve your goals.

Whether you’re working on a book, blog, newsletter, report, or anything else – if you’re ready to finally get serious about your writing, join us in The Writer’s Forge.

“I am absolutely loving the Writer’s Forge sessions – it’s amazing how much I manage to get written each time!! I find that just knowing others are writing at the same time as me is great accountability, and helps keep me on track.

The regular check-in(s) with Kate (or whoever is leading the session) are incredibly helpful – some real-person interaction certainly helps keep me motivated – they also share reminders to take a little break, have a stretch or maybe grab another something to drink – things I often forget to do when I get carried away with writing!
If you are considering joining, DO … it’ll be really helpful and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t sign up sooner!!’
Alison Stead

Writer's Forge Member

“The accountability sessions have helped me prioritise my writing and the variety of days and times offered mean, despite having a busy (and inflexible) day job, I can still find plenty to attend. The focussed chunks of time ensure you push through writers block and don’t give up when ideas start to falter. Best of all, though, has been the supportiveness of the Writer’s Forge – just the simple act of checking in with a like-minded group really helps to motivate and inspire you.

Thanks Kate and Jen – I didn’t know how much I needed this until I started it!

Leona Brown

Writer's Forge member