A place to hammer out your writing ideas and forge friendships with other writers.

What we do…

Booksmith Academy is the place to be for all things writing. Whether you’re itching to pen a non-fiction masterpiece, scribble away for the sheer joy of it, or enhance your well-being using the magic of pen and paper, we’ve got your back.

Meet the skilled artisans forging the path, Kate and Jen, your writing coaches at Booksmith Academy. With a combined experience exceeding 50 years, they wield a profound understanding of every twist and turn of the writing process.

We’re not just enthusiasts; we’re downright passionate about writing in all its shapes and forms. Whether you’re leveraging it as a tool to grow your business, for personal well-being, or just for the sheer pleasure it brings, we’re here to support you.

Write with us…

Join us at Booksmith Academy, where your writing aspirations take centre stage, and connections with fellow writers are forged. It’s not just a space; it’s a supportive environment where your ideas flourish, and the art of writing is celebrated. Elevate your writing experience with us and discover the transformative power of words.

In December we are running our second FREE advent writing challenge: THE FROSTY FORGE, which will support you in your daily writing habit through daily inspiration and writing prompts. If you love writing and want to create a daily writing practice to support your wellbeing at this busy, and often stressful, time of year, why not join us?

The Frosty Forge Advent Writing Challenge

Sign up for three weeks of FREE writing prompts and thought provoking inspiration. We will help you to  step into the festive season feeling calm and prepared for anything.

Coming soon...

New for 2024! The InkWell Scribes is our new writing club which will support your writing. Whether you are a journaling fan or professional writer, if you love writing and all things bookish and want to connect with other writers, this is for you.

The Book Forge

The Book Forge is a 12-month writing programme offering comprehensive and compassionate support to new and experienced authors. Each month the Booksmith coaches will share knowledge from their field of expertise, giving you all the tools you need to write and edit your non-fiction book without any stress or strain.

Kate and Jen, the Booksmith Academy team

Meet the Booksmith Academy Team

Meet the dynamic duo behind Booksmith Academy: Kate Beddow and Jen Moore, two word-loving sisters with a shared passion for helping aspiring authors turn their writing dreams into reality. With their combined expertise and unwavering dedication, they bring a wealth of experience to guide and support you on your writing journey.

At Booksmith Academy, Kate and Jen are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality instruction and support. Their passion for empowering writers shines through in every lesson, exercise, and interaction. Visit our About page to delve deeper into the backgrounds and accomplishments of these fabulous teachers, and discover how their expertise can benefit your writing journey.

Join us at Booksmith Academy and let Kate and Jen inspire, guide, and elevate your writing to new heights. Together, we’ll transform your writing dreams into tangible literary achievements.


I am LOVING the writing prompts so far! I am already feeling the changes and shifts happening inside of myself.

Lisa Wheeler

Book Forge Member

I would 100% recommend. It was inspiring, supportive and enjoyable all at the same time… beautiful space to fill with writing. 

Gemma Harris

Writing Challenge Member

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Kate has taught on my platform and the response was overwhelming. Her teaching style, gentle nature but with firm guidance was second to none. She has a wonderful way of encouraging you to do the work and getting it done. If anyone is looking to write a book, start journaling or do creative writing then this is the program you need to get involved with, you will not regret it. 

Lisa Williams

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Best Sellting Author

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