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Tapping into Creativity with Crystals, Oils, and Meditation

You might be wondering why we are talking about natural support, like crystals and essential oils, on a writing blog, well, the answer is simple – we use them and they work! Any pearls of wisdom we can share to support your writing journey we will, because we’re big believers that you should try everything that might help, at least once, otherwise, how will you know?

More and more people are exploring the potential of natural techniques to support their physical and mental wellbeing and things like crystals and essential oils are no longer the domain of the hippies. 

When I was a full time teacher, over 20 years ago now, if I had suggested mediation in school or mentioned using crystals or essential oils, I would have been in trouble for encouraging my classes to take part in religious or even cult-like activities. Now all these techniques are used in many schools. 

Wy are these natural healing methods so helpful for writers?

Well, they can all be used to calm us and often when we are feeling even a little anxious or tense it is almost impossible for creativity to flow. We know that when we are in a state of stress our mind goes into fight or flight and all our problem solving and recall areas of the brain are shut down to enable us to survive. So, even if you only use them for relaxation they are incredibly helpful. They can be used in many ways to support your writing life though.

Let’s look in more detail at each: 

The natural powers of essential oils…

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to help us stay physically well – healing everything from cuts and bruises to headaches – but did you know they can boost your creativity too?

Having the right essential oil in a diffuser while you write can help you stay alert and even stimulate your creativity. Try rosemary, lemon or peppermint if you want to feel more alert and mentally stimulated while you write. If you prefer to feel relaxed and calm you could try lavender, jasmine or bergamot.

Whatever you choose make sure you like the smell because the wrong smell can be very distracting.


What about crystals?

Crystals are often seen as something very woo and with little credibility. They vibrate at a frequency of 32768hz while the Earth itself vibrates at only 7.83hz, so there is little doubt they can be used to alter our frequency.

How does this help our writing though? Well, some crystals are believed to boost our motivation, help us communicate more effectively or give us mental clarity, they can even support us in achieving our potential. 

The rule of thumb with crystals is always that if you are really drawn to a particular crystal, that is probably the one you need. Find a crystal shop, see which one you are drawn to and find out what it is known to her with. 


How can meditation help writers?

For many writers, writing itself is a form of meditation, but how can meditating help you as a writer? Meditation allows your brain to relax and often issues which have been ruminating are resolved while we meditate. This makes it the perfect practice if you are struggling with writer’s block, or if you are unsure where your writing is going next.

Some people struggle with meditation, often people who are neurodivergent find it particularly challenging. If this is the case for you, I encourage you to try some simple breath work which has a similar impact.

Calming your brain is so important for writers. 


Have you used any of these natural support techniques to help your writing practice? We would love to hear from you if you have. Perhaps you have found a particular essential oil or crystal to be helpful. 

 Look out for more blogs on nonfiction writing and wellbeing for writers each month. And if you need a little motivation and to develop a regular writing habit, why not join us in the Writer’s Forge for our online accountability sessions? It’s working for us!